The Dark Lord has a sinister plan

Announcing the release of sequence version 0.2.4.

Sequence provides a unified api for access to sequential data types, like Strings, Arrays, Files, IOs, and Enumerations. This is the external iterator pattern (ruby's usual iterators are internal). Each sequence encapsulates some data and a current position within it. Some operations apply to data at (or relative to) the position, others are independant of position. The api contains operations for moving the position, and reading and writing data (with or without moving the position) forward or backward from the current position or anywhere.

Its perhaps most unusual feature is the ability to scan for Regexps in not just Strings, but Files and any other type of sequence.

install as a gem with: or download the package: on github:
gem install sequence
gem tar.gz tar.xz sequence
( checksums: sha1 sha256 sha512 )

Changes in this version:
  • 1 Major Bugfix:
    • hopefully should not break StringIO anymore
  • 3 Minor Bugfixes:
    • increased 1.9 compatibility
    • force rewritten regexps created by sequence to be binary encoded (hacky)
    • in gemspec, seek for files relative to __FILE__
  • 1 Minor Enhancement:
    • in, coerce subseqs to Sequences if needed