The Dark Lord has a sinister plan

kdelibs 3.5.10

My favorite firewall frontend for linux is guarddog. I really do think it's the best firewall frontend: somewhat arcane, but I can figure it out, and it provides a fair degree of power.

I've made an effort to port it to modern systems, but it still depends on kde 3. Which kde sees fit to no longer distribute themselves. They want me to upgrade, I guess. (Guys, I'd be happy to if guarddog worked in it.) So.... here's a copy of kdelibs 3.5.10, the one tarball from kde 3 that I need to build guarddog. Sorry, I don't have the rest of the tarballs.

It might also be available at this kde mirror, but that site is down at the moment.

sha512: 656bc06de2b9bd02682258d10b63e09d6249e408ed71247ecdfefa50602948b537ee4919f3fa9cee8e49afcc9b5f013addcd0a7215811f4f4a5c4e40892df60d

sha256: 617e9cb01c70ed4c1b554b373f55deffbd0e12e2cdfeacd7b3d9409372285c72

sha1: c930a25f4419134def55b8466c3a6f737227fb82